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10 must-try dishes when visiting Da Lat

10 must-try dishes when visiting Da Lat


Coming to Da Lat, apart from visiting famous destinations like love valley, the city flower garden or Lang Biang Plateau, enjoying cuisine here is also a worth-to-try experience.

Grilled fermented pork roll

10 must-try dishes when visiting Da Lat

Da Latfermented pork roll is often eaten with paper rice, lettuce, banana, star fruit… and mixed fish sauce. The taste of fermented pork roll combining with the taste of lettuce makes a perfect mixture. You should try this dish at the stalls on Phan Dinh Phung and Bui Thi Xuan St.

Beef vermicelli

Although it is the specialty of Hue, you can also try this dish at Ho Xuan Huong, Da Lat with the original taste and a little specialty of Da Lat. Instead of water spinach, Da Lat beef vermicelli is eaten with minced lettuce, bean sprouts and banana flower. Depending on the personal taste, you can order to eat with lean pork paste or cartilage pork paste.

Chicken stomach wet cake

The unique mixture of wet cake and chicken stomach has made the tourists curious. That is the soft tough taste of the cake, the sweet taste of chicken. To enjoy this dish, you should try at Tang Bat Ho St, near Da La market.

Grilled paper rice

10 must-try dishes when visiting Da Lat

One of the most famous dishes of Da Latis grilled paper rice with quail egg, onion oil, minced pork, fried shrimp. Only in a few minutes, the yellow color and the smell of grilled paper rice will attract you. This dish is eaten with chili sauce. The best stall of this dish is on Nguyen Van Troi St, open from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Xap xap (a kind of salad)

Sounds strange but it is a little like dried beef salad in Ha Noi. The main ingredients are minced papaya, beef lung and pork lung, peanut, basil, mixed fish sauce… You can walk around Ho Xuan Huong and stop at a small stall to enjoy this special dish.

Bloating fern-shaped cake

Da Lat bloating fern-shaped cake is made with more mingled fine flour so it is a little tough. Meanwhile, the shrimp sauce is viscid with tasty orange color. A ration of bloating fern-shaped cake includes 4 small bowls and very cheap. The recommended address is on Phan Dinh Phung St, near Hong Hung Petrol, open from 11 am to 20 pm every day.

Rolled corn

The corn is grinded, marinated with spices and rolled with paper rice and dried until it turns into yellow color. When being eaten, rolled corn is once again rolled with paper rice, cucumber, carrot, herbs and peanut sauce. You can find this dish at the stalls near Nguyen Trai Primary school or on Nguyen Cong Tru St.

Banh mi

Eaten with banh mi is a small bowl of pork, spring onion. There are ways to enjoy this dish: tear the banh mi and put the pieces of banh mi into pork bowl, put the banh mi into the bowl and eat or put pork into the banh mi. You can try this dish at the stalls near schools markets or Tran Nhat Duat – Hoang Dieu T-junction.


Noodle is in everywhere in Vietnam but enjoying a bowl of noodle in cool weather in Da Lat is the best. That is the harmonious color in the noodle bowl of the white color of noodle rice cake, the yellow color of lean pork paste and the green of spring onion. The most famous stall in Da Lat is Xuan An stall on Nha Chung St, Phan Rang stall on Tran Phu or Hai Ba Trung St.

Strawberry ice-cream

Strawberry is the famous specialty of Da Lat so it would be a missing if you come to Da Lat and don’t try ice-cream or milk made of strawberry. Enjoying strawberry ice-cream in the weather of Da Lat will be more interesting and attractive. Visit Phan Dinh Phung St and try this dish once.


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